Cuteness Overload! 9 Adorable Halloween Stationery Finds

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We believe that somewhere in this world, ghosts are nice and monsters are cute. Over there, Jack-o-lanterns smile and we can get cozy with puffy ghosts. Even umbrella ghosts from Japan make friends with vampires! With these sticker sets, earrings and postcards, you can transform this Halloween into the most adorable one ever!


Halloween Card from Kappado

Halloween in Japan is awesome and you can see it from Kappado's letterpress card! Frog and Cat from Kappado are back for another year of Halloween celebration with plenty of cheerful magic!


Ghostbuster Strikes the Devil form Hikali Media

Perfect for the office desk! These ghostbusters attracts paper clips and business cards. See them all scared and frightened of the devil which is boredom at work! 


Halloween Party Sticker Set from Star Lululu

From one of the top stationery brands, Starlululu, the mischevious cat and bunny have all their scary bat wings on and Halloween tricks prepared. This set of big stickers will make your notebooks, gift bags and refrigerator super cute!


Halloween City Postcard from Fungus Girl

There is Jack's Christmas Town, and there is Halloween City where spooky houses have an orange glow under the new moon and autumn leaves. The coziest Halloween postcard we've seen!


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Waterproof Stickers from Drunk Bambi

Little devil, ghost, Chinese zombi, Jack and a terrified fox are all mingling on the All-Hallows Eve. What a sweet community!


Witches and Devils Postcards from Vanilla

Witches, manga style. These melancholy witches and their pumpkin desserts, pumpkin doll and Jack-o-lantern is one of the more elegant Halloween illustrations you'll see out there.


Wicked Witch Bookmark from My Bookmark

The wicked witch has died in your book! What are you going to do?! Looks like she was electrocuted! 


Mummy Cable Organizer from Bone

Take good care of these mummies, and they’ll take good care of your cables.


Hand-painted Stud Earrings from Pistachio

Bats and ghosts dancing in the sky, pumpkins enjoying the spooky night—Too bad we don’t have enough piercings to wear the entire scenery on ourselves!


Which adorable ghost do you like the most?

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Keep travelling the road of cute and spooky!

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