It’s World Smile Day! Why Happiness is Worth Your Time

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On World Smile Day, anyone can change the world one smile at a time. Perhaps you bring happiness to your office all the time; perhaps your friends always knew how to make you laugh when you’re down. When it comes to happiness, the more you give, the more you receive. We can’t wait to create some happy times!


Making food is as good as sharing

Bat batter from Jolly Rouge

Since the dawn of mankind, food has been the number one source of happiness. In fact, cooking together is the secret ingredient to smiles and laughter!


Seeing friends in person is rare opportunity

Bathtub Bowl from Wuxing Art Design

These days, people are always busy traveling or being online, so any chance to meet up in person is a special occasion. Be the one reaching out to friends for a movie night!


There’s always something new

Shopping Bag from UNDERTONE

Walk around the city, check out the new gift shop and talk about what’s been happening. You might learn something new about an old friend.


Healthy for body and soul

Handmade Panda Soccer from Earthtree

Exhausted from heavy workload? Go get active—not only will you have fun, you’re also taking care of your physical health.


Listening means supporting

Beer Thermo Cup Sleeve from BLR

Sometimes, simply putting on your listening ears means the world to someone. It won’t cost more than two beers, but you’ll definitely bring a smile and earn a hug.


Being kind to yourself means being kind to others

Little Cloud Windchime from 5 Mins

Remember how Joy learned the importance of Sadness in the movie Inside Out? Spending quiet time will help us recover from a bad day.


A good laugh changes perspective

Big Eyes Sticker from Buy Mood

Life is not that hard; we just need to take breaks. A good laugh boosts your humor quotient so you can stand up and move on!


Let’s bring a smile to friends, colleagues and everyone else!

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