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January is one of the quieter times of the year. It’s still cold (probably raining), work is getting busy, and the excitement of new beginnings is wearing off. Our advice is: take it easy! Not every day of the year is meant for parties and celebrations. If the dull grey sky is dragging you down, take your time to re-discover the bright side of things in life.


Silver Temporary Tattoos from Miss Surprise 

Hold on to the magic even on a low-key weekday.


Rainy Day Necklace from Murasaki

We dare you to come up with 10 reasons rain is a blessing instead of an inconvenience!


Raindrop Umbrella from ANEMOS

This umbrella helps you stay dry while letting in some light; the bright little raindrops will cheer you up!


CA Gamma Jacket from WEAVISM

This water-repellant jacket will keep you stylishly active in an unpredictable weather.


Optimism Notebook from Jiang Design

Weep and sometimes the sky weeps with you. However, be ready to embrace a rainbow later on!


Tin Cloud Incense Holder from Handicraft Poems

Add a soft sheen as you light an incense for some aromatherapy. Things will brighten up, for sure!


Silver can tone things down or brighten things up—it all depends on how you use it!

A happy state of mind!

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