10 Must-have Accessories for Full-Fledged Summer Vibes

Summer is as long as sunshine and colors allow it to last! While staying cool and simple is one of the best ways to enjoy summer, so is playing with a wonderful array of accessories. To push your summer style to the fullest, check out our top ten essential accessories!


Rings: flirty fingers

Candies Globe Ring and Earrings by Auyu Jewelry

I'm Alice, and this is my wonderland.


Hairpins: effortless boho

Baby’s Breath Hairpins by Marygo

Pull back the fringe to a few casual twists adorned by floral hairpins. Easy peasy—no see-through bangs for me.


Sunglasses: ready for romance

Round Sunglasses by Mumu

Keeping my eyes open because romance may be around the corner! But before I spot Mr. Right, better play cool behind these shades.


Earrings: go with the flow

Thorns Earrings by CREER

Waves of the ocean and breeze in the air reminds me of the waves of your hair and your lovely smile.


Necklaces: translucent dreams

Waterside Glass Necklace by m.glassworks

Whether in murky drizzles or stormy downpours, your inner light will shine throughout the summer.


Bracelets: wish upon a gemstone

Stone and Brass Bracelet by Moimoi

Every bead is a wish for the world to be peaceful and our days to be joyful.


Hats: block out the heat

The North Wind and the Sun Bucket Hat by LOOPY

My armor of choice to fight the heat is the bucket hat. Show me what you’ve got, Summer!


Phone cases: chummy buddy

Alpaca Phone Case by Sola Solo

Having short tempers from the heat? Meet Mr. Alpaca. He’s  covered in a sweater and not losing his cool. Return a smile, won’t you?


Headphones: colorful vibes

Cherry Blossom Pink Headphones by Hoomia

Electronic music is the best summer soundtrack—plug in some colors and dance away to funky beats!


Socks: cool white steps

Ping Pong Socks by Provocateur

Are you ready to sweat, or ready to chill? Whichever it is, cool white socks will get you moving!


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