6 Crafty Upgrades for Writing Postcards

For those who appreciate personal, handwritten messages, sending a postcard is a convenient yet special way to say “thinking of you!” Not only is your handwriting an unique gift itself, but also you can emphasize the message with a few crafty techniques, making postcards truly memorable and personal gifts!


Postcards with a purpose

Behind Bars Postcards from Old House Face

First things first: get a postcard! Start with a postcard you might have picked up from a trip, or from a local store featuring local artists. If you’re traveling, make unique postcards by bringing blank drawing paper and slap them on the back of a cool local DM. Cover them with spontaneous sketchnotes and there you go—instant postcards! The ideas are endless, but it’s the thought that counts.

Pens for penmanship

Inkless Metal Pen from Science Toy Factory

A good, easy-to-write pen not only makes “Thinking of you” last on paper for decades, it helps your thoughts flow as well. It’s much more than beautiful handwriting: the postcard will travel far, so make its trip worth it, by scribing words you dare not express with your mouth!


Colored pens and pencils

Colored Pencil Magnets from Mumu Union

When black and white just won’t do it, use colored pens or pencils to bring the world you see alive! Whether you prefer doodling or sketching, your unique mix of colors is what makes a postcard fun and meaningful to receive.


Stamps as staples

Deer Stamp from Sha-Z

If extravagant handwriting or doodling isn’t your thing, find support in the numerous variety of rubber stamps! From cute animals to abstract patterns, or even customized self-portrait stamps, they could definitely highlight your postcard or become your signature.

Stickers collage

Girls in Action Stickers from La Dolce Vita

Thoughtful illustration stickers are definitely no kids’ toys! Rather, they are like mini artworks which you can mix and match, compose and play with, so it’ll become your own artwork to send to friends.

Washi Tapes for multi-purposes

Kakikaki Washi Tape from Quemolica

Talk about pretty and functional! Use washi tape to decorate polaroids, or tape them to blank paper and create unique postcards. Fun designs like Air Mail or polaroid border stickers makes it even more legit—create your personal design!


These ideas will keep you busy. While you’re at it, send some love to yourself, too!

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