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Find Your Style! 14 ways to wear tea-length skirts!

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Raise your hand if you’d like to save 15 minutes on your morning routine instead of staring at the closet not knowing what to wear! You’ve come to the right place: Clotho, a contemporary knitwear brand, is sharing their superb mix-and-match tips and tricks so you can make the most out of 1 skirt.

Today we’re showing 14 ways to style the GAIA Seafoam Skirt: 14 trends to blend in with this versatile tea-length slit skirt.


1. Sporty vibe

The bright color and stretchy fabric naturally goes with any of your sport tops and hair bands.


2. Boyfriend style

Stay comfy and stylish by pairing an oversized sweatshirt with a daring hair accessory.


3. Korean chic

Pair your skirt with designer sunglasses and a sheer stripe top. These are the ultimate Korean fashion essentials to stay effortlessly chic!


4. Street mix

Wear a paint-splattered tunic and popular Korean see-through bangs for a top-of-the-trend and refreshing look.


5. Bali vacay

Announce your wanderlust with ethnic colors and patterns! Time to make that exotic summer trip happen.


6. Beach ready

Thinking of the beach? Just throw on a tank top and straw hat—easy as that! You’re good to go!


7. Minimalism

Cover a white dress shirt with a summer trench or cardigan to make GAIA Seafoam Skirt elegant and office-ready.


8. Victorian date

Marry contemporary and vintage with a bowler hat, white lace shirt and a tea-length skirt. Pack your basket and you’re ready for a Victorian picnic and lawn dance!


9. American classic

This skirt sets a playful stage for you to jazz up a classic black-and-white outfit with a white lace shirt, wide-brimmed hat, statement necklace and a studded clutch.


10. K-Pop

If you’re looking to try out the hottest Asian trend, look no further! Create a K-pop style with a sequin cardigan and polka dot bandana!


11. Denim casual

If you’re not feeling the feminine frills today, rock it with a grey tank top and a smart denim or chambray tunic.


12. Rock n Roll

Throw on some thrift store denim and knits for an edgy rocker look, and make the point across with round sunglasses, too!


13. Retro glam

Wear bold retro colors and prints on a baggy jacket and bucket hat, balancing it off with a simple white tee.


14. Hip Hop

Go all out with a leopard motif mesh shirt over an athletic tank top, complete with a leather baseball hat and chain sunglasses!


Contributor: Clotho
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