How to Make Herbal Milk Tea

Milk tea is one of the best Taiwanese comfort food (or rather, comfort drink!) that is both easy to make and fun to tweak. Whether in a sunny afternoon or a foggy morning, there’s a milk tea for every mood.

Today, let’s make some lemongrass milk tea to wake you up in this cool, damp weather.


2 herbal tea bags (5g / 0.17oz tea leaf)
1 cup of milk (250 ml)
Some water
Sugar to taste



1. Put the tea bags in a saucepan and add just enough water to cover the tea bags (preferably fabric tea bags to avoid toxins), and start boiling. Brewing tea in milk is not necessarily better than in water as some brands advertise, because milk changes flavor when cooked for too long, and water does a much better job releasing the aroma of tea leaves.


2. Cook the tea bags for 40 seconds—no longer than a minute in case the tea becomes bitter from over-steeping. Avoid stirring too much; just give it a quick stir before serving.


3. Add some sugar to taste. Depending on your preference, you can also use black sugar, brown sugar, herb-infused sugar, trehalose, or any other type.


4. Add the milk and heat it, but don’t boil. Turn off the stove as soon as it reaches your desired temperature—overcooked milk spoils the taste!


5. Remove the teabags and pour the milk tea into your favorite mug.


6. If you like foam, warm ¼ cup (60ml) of milk with an electric frother.


7. Foam with lemongrass milk tea is absolutely heavenly! The smooth, rich flavors and the creamy texture is exactly what we’re after.


Our perfect cup of homemade herbal milk tea is done!

When you make milk tea with different tea and herbs, also experiment with cinnamon and cocoa powder to add aroma, or use honey, caramel or vanilla paste instead of sugar. The more you experiment, the sooner you’ll find your perfect milk tea recipe!



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