10 Types of Bags Every Girl Needs Day in and Day Out

If you enjoy life, you probably need lots of bags for all kinds of functionality. From bags for work to backpacks for a busy weekend, the list can go on forever. Why not start with these 10 essential bags for every girl’s needs?


1. Handbags

Canvas and Leather Clutch from Janfive Studio

Feel light as a feather when you get the weight off your shoulders, and carry just enough essentials for the day in a handbag.


2. Electronics Sleeves

Cork Laptop Sleeve from RISY

Laptop sleeves replace heavy briefcases or backpacks so you can gracefully pick your devices and breeze through meetings and coffee breaks!


3. Crossbody Bags

Leather Box Crossbody Bag from Broken Fingers

Be the girl who’s out and about! Thin strap crossbody bags definitely hit the sweet spot between dainty and playful.


4. Backpacks

Ethnic Weave Backpack from Mamie Bag

From street-chic backpacks holding picnic essentials to sporty ones ready for any outdoors challenge, backpacks are girls’ most reliable sidekicks—one is hardly enough!


5. Cosmetic Bags

Rectangular Cosmetics Bag from inBlooom

When it comes to everyday cosmetics, do you carry nothing more than chapstick and sunscreen, or do you have a full miniset ready? Either way, store them in cosmetic bags so you’ll have a magic toolbox to always look your best.


6. Coin Purses

Kiss Coin Purse from yizistore

No more laying around! Separate coins and trinkets in a purse so they won’t stain or scratch the rest of the items in your bag.


7. Pouches

Happy Pouch from YOKATIME

If getting organized seems like chores to you, try Happy Pouch. With such joyful organizers, you’ll soon be addicted to tidying up.


8. Wallets

Vegetable Tanned Leather Long Wallet from Liqrun Design Studio

Essential to every occasion, your wallet is your signature, and a quality leather wallet will stand the test of time and age beautifully with you. (Read about Liqrun's Designtrepreneur story!)


9. Canvas Totes

Oh My Heart Drawstring Tote from Xao Ye

You can count on canvas bags to hold the small treasures in life: apples from the farmer’s market, a notebook for a day at the park, or postcards ready to be mailed out.


10. Camera Bags

Retro Leather Camera Bag from Beara Beara

When you put down the smartphone and capture details of loved ones and nature with your own camera, a sturdy camera bag makes sure everyone takes it seriously too!


What do you already own, and what do you need from this list?

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