8 Greenhouses to Live Your Dream Lifestyle In

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Diamond Greenhouse Planter from Story

This summer, we’re totally ready for chilling out with friends and family for a BBQ, sipping fresh juice, and licking ice cream! Gatherings in backyards or parks are awesome, but one of our fantasies is to have our own greenhouse and invite friends to come relax and unwind with the leafy plants. So we can’t resist listing some wonderful greenhouse fantasies for all of us!


1. Greenhouse guestroom

Two-Sided Taiwanese Starling Sham from inBlooom

Offering the guest a night in the garden under the stars? That’s what we call hospitality!


2. Greenhouse cabinet

Linen Planter from Feng

Sunlight is the most natural energy source, so make the best of it! Miniature planters in a glass cabinet will drink up those sunshine happily, and in return they will offer therapeutic benefits!!


3. Greenhouse swimming pool

Dulton Glass Waterer from Modpoly

Do you want to be in a movie scene where you can take a dip in a such a romantic garden pool?


4. Desktop greenhouse

Zen Garden Planter from Pure Nature

Just like any pet, ferns and succulents fit into any corner of the house and can keep you company every moment!


5. Teahouse greenhouse

Creamer Pot Succulent Planter from I Am Piaopiao

This is where we imagine a nice English tea take place! Some good tea and a good book will keep us blissful all day.


6. Greenhouse living room

Poet Gardeners Carnivorous Terrarium from Green Sprout

No outdoor space to build a greenhouse? No problem! With a glass-door cabinet and some shelves, you can build your own indoor greenhouse.


7. Greenhouse studio

Cement Stairs Planter from KALKI’D

With a studio like this, it’s hard not to stay and work overtime! The green planters give the grey concrete such a beautiful, lively industrial look.


8. Greenhouse dining room

Prairie Placemat from Haha Zakka

This setup reminiscent of a French country dinner would be our motivation to cook a feast for our lovely friends!


Which greenhouse is your favorite?

Source: Brit + Co

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