5 Warm Winter Messages in Chinese Calligraphy

The holidays are approaching and we think it’s a great time to reflect and give thanks! You’ve seen us sending postcards and journaling a lot recently, and perhaps you’re already making a list of friends to send holiday greetings to this year. With creativity and a warm heart, your handwritings can be beautiful works of art. Here are some wintertime greetings in Chinese calligraphy to inspire you!


“Savor life”: Loose Leaf Pu'er

Loose Leaf Pu'er from Totemker

What it says: “Sip a cup of Pu’er tea / Savor the memories”

We love the white space calligraphy creates on paper. Find a blank canvas, and let your thoughts fly freely: it would be poetry both literally and visually.


“It’s Winter”: Missing You Postcard

Missing You Postcard from 653

What it says: “Winter”

The Chinese character of “winter” has two drops of snow below a symbol of “endings”. Isn’t it a beautiful word to turn into a picture?


“Slow down and reflect”: Ri Xing iPhone case

Ri Xing iPhone case from Urban Prefer

What it says: “Sun / Star”

Can you spot the spotlight characters here? “Ri” means the sun, “Xing” means the star, and together they mean the passing of time. But aside from their meanings, how you write words is what makes them personal. Create your own lettering with your unique dots, crosses, and so much more!

“Praise and give thanks”: Praise Calligraphy Postcard

Praise Calligraphy Postcard from Duo Long 9 Days

What it says (from right to left):  “Praise / If we have enough food and clothing, let us be content.”

Written from the right to left, as is traditionally done, the 12 characters together create an organic visual graphic greater than the sum of its parts.


“Stay Warm”: “Warmth” Lead Type Stamps

“Warmth” Lead Type Stamps from Rixing Type Foundry

What it says: “In the winter sun / Shadows dance/ Warmth”

The varieties of Chinese fonts are much fewer than English fonts because of the massive amount of characters involved. In this stamp, the characters in the top two rows are in a calligraphy brush style, and the bottom two characters are in a smoother style most early developed for woodblock printing.  


Start writing!

Joy is a Brush Calligraphy Pen from CiCHi

Do you like Chinese? Imagine yourself painting artistic strokes with this faux calligraphy brush—a ballpoint pen in disguise!


Who are you writing to this season?

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