Color of the Week | Hush of Snow

When the first snow falls, it gets quiet. Although you know rabbits and owls are hiding out there somewhere, you are content snuggling under the blankets and enjoying that good smell coming from the kitchen. Perhaps later you’ll put on your favorite scarf and walk to the forests, but for now, let’s enjoy the snow white world in stillness!


Little Lamb Brooch from Torinoko

Slow down and enjoy the winter sun, like this little lamb cozy in her bright red scarf. Don’t forget your mittens!


Frosty Forest Six Petals Earrings from Martin’s Secret

Feel like a snow fairy wherever you go with two snowflakes that never melt.


Handmade Ceramic Dish from Hermit Pottery

The Hermit’s earthy white pottery reminds us of footsteps in the snow, revealing fresh dirt and twigs along the forest path.


Mushroom Earrings from Snail Workshop

It may be cold outside, but it’s cozy indoors where we dream of mushroom picking. Here's two covered in snowflakes!


Snowy Owl Brooch from Q Power

This realistic, furry owl will bring the snowy forest indoors. There is actually a whole family of them!


Christmas Tree from Uka

Keep a snowy Christmas tree by your side so there's always a peaceful corner to rest against, and a magical star of hope to wish upon.


Raw Crystal Necklace from Dear Classy

Even when all is still under the layers of snow (and blankets), don’t forget the sparkle inside you!


Hush now and let nature perform its wonders!

Dreaming of a White Winter

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