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Hands in Your Pockets! Attitude that Warms You Up

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Did you know that pockets used to mean cute little pouches women worn around the waist (something like this)? It makes us wonder why nowadays we have many nonfunctional flaps that pretend to be pockets. Maybe it’s because hands in your pockets is not ladylike. But then how would you keep your iPhone at hand and your hands warm? So we vote "yes" for pockets with these fun and functional pieces! 


Navy Contrast Wool Coat from tan tan


Not only is the material cozy, the pop of coral will also warm up the dullest winter streets!


Denim Long Skirt from Katji Cozytime

Laid-back but not lazy: these functional skirts will get you in a crafty mood!


Double Pocket Sweater from YU Square

While pockets are the spotlight here, we also love the cute collar and mint-and-peach contrast!


Linen Trousers from Slim Fingers

Dress them up or dress them down, cuff your pants or leave them loose—play with them and find your style!


Squirrel Picnic Dress from Boom Boom Kidz

With this picnic blanket dress, you can hide snacks in your pockets like squirrels hide acorns in their cheeks.


Monsters Pocket Dress from Need a New Needle

These monstrous-sized pockets are definitely roomy enough for your phones and more. (Find more big pockets and monster designs!)


Cotton Kimono Jacket from Xuxuwear

Here’s a new take on traditional clothing—tastefully cut, colorfully pleated and complete with a hidden side pocket.


Which pocket fashion would you go for?

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