Color of the Week | Blue & Refreshing

Bluebell Leather Bag by Margo

Summer showers have their charm, but there are so many activities to look forward to under the sun—take a walk in the park, or feel the breeze on your bike; lie on your back in a grassy lawn, and enjoy the big blue sky! We can’t get enough of the sky blue patches, so here are some pieces of azure to carry with you: remember natural beauty is always there on the top of our heads!


Lonely Planet Ring by LineWorkLab

Imagine drifting away in the outer space like in a swimming pool, and—oh! Seeing the earth float by. Sky’s not the limit, is it? 


Engraved Reclaimed Wood by Lovely Days

Breathe in the blue sky and feel a touch of tenderness in the texture of reclaimed wood


Blue Plaid Hair Band by The Mama’s Closet

Blue is the color of choice when you want to wear an open-minded attitude from the top down.


Glass Double Bubble Necklace by Moimoi

Remember when you were little and playing with bubbles in the park? What carefree days, running around with your happy feet and knowing Mommy is nearby! This glass necklace capturing the childlike joy will bring back happy memories. 


Simple Life Card by Hello Studio

All you need in life is a beloved by your side through thick and thin; for big moments and every day.


Handmade Cyanotype Notebook by Cyanotype image

What is better than a glass of red wine at the end of the day? For one, having the Seine and the Eiffel Tower as backdrop.


Wherever you are, steal a moment to look up! The sky is there for you.

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