Color of the Week | Gold & Nostalgic

Have you read the story of the house with golden windows? Everyday before sunset, a poor little boy living on a farm sees a house with golden windows. One day, he finally went searching for the golden house, only to find a poor little girl pointing to another house with golden windows—his own house! Under the autumn sun, anything can shine like gold. Why not slow down and appreciate the season with some timeless gold and bronze and accessories?


Leather and Bronze Keychain from Good Day

Someone may hold the key to your memories, but you hold the key to tomorrow.


Vintage Earrings from Time Travel

The soft glow of vintage jewelry will be the perfect match for your handmade leather bag and thrifted trench coat.


Banquet Thorn Bracelet from Chapter.36

If fall attracts you with its withered branches, you will love this thorny bracelet inspired by a castle banquet.


Hair Pin from il nesso


Add some sparkle to your hair as you stroll through the meadows under the afternoon sun.


Sophia Cockatoo Ring from Good After Nine

Rather stay busy instead of nostalgic? This curious little parrot will be your best buddy!


CopperFill Cat Pin from Seed

“Meow!” This adorable cat is reminding you to take time off and play under the sun!


How does it feel to be golden?

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