7 Gemstones and Crystals to Boost Positive Energy

Since ages ago, people have been using gemstones to embellish architecture and clothings for positive influence. Stones and crystals come directly from the rich soils of the earth, and mesmerize people with their colors, textures, and associations with healing properties, luck and positivity. Here are some of the most common ones to start with!


1. Clarity: Quartz

Double Pointed Quartz Necklace from
World Smells Different After It Rains

When we hear the word “crystal,” the first image that pops up is actually the quartz. Quartz is one of the most common mineral on earth, while crystal actually refers to the clean-cut, organized structure of minerals. Clear quartz stands out because its transparency and sharp points match our imagination of the ultimate magical crystal! Wear clear quartz to help you clarify and focus.


2. Love & compassion: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Earrings from The Good Day 

2016 Pantone’s Color of the Year rose quartz has a calming shade and symbolizes love, which is a very powerful energy. The stone is not only good for romantic love, but also for understanding, compassionate love. Wear rose quartz to expand your awareness to love and perception of happiness.


3. Intuition & spirituality: Blue Kyanite

14K Gold-Filled Kyanite Necklace from Majade

Just like quartz and many other gemstones, kyanite comes in many colors. Blue kyanite has a calming shade of blue with traces of white. Often, the colors of stones give meaning to associated energy. Wearing blue kyanite jewelry or putting a piece at home is good for connecting to your intuition and inner peace.


4. Courage & vitality: Garnet

Garnet Raindrop Necklace from Journal

Gemstones are associated with the balancing energies of nature because they are natural materials from the earth. Wear blood-red garnet to boost your courage and passion, and connect to a healthy, active body.


5. Expression & communication: Sodalite

Sodalite Leather Bracelet from Emerald3

The white-and-blue patches of sodalite loosely resembling blue-and-white porcelain from the Chinese (this is what it looks like), giving them an elegant, traditional look. Besides their color-related meanings, blue sodalite is also said to lift writer's block, boost expression and communication.


6. Protection: Onyx

Black Onyx Bracelet form Mine Hand

While not an active source of positive energy, black onyx is often known to protect wearers from negative influences from the environment. The color to end all colors, black also acts like a shield to help you retrieve inner strength.


7. Fortune and happiness: Citrine


Raw Citrine Necklace from Fyntage 

Also known as  the “merchant's stone,” citrine is commonly associated with good fortune, especially in Chinese culture. They range from light yellow to dark orange, and is associated with light, confidence and happiness. It’s also a positive way to think about money, isn’t it?


Besides wearing them, you can also place crystals at home or use household items made with gemstones. What kind of crystals make you feel good? Comment and share with us!

Positive energy and healing crystals

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