12 Crafty Essentials to Do Your Holiday Gift Wrapping

Wrapping gifts is like dressing up for a party: it’s the inner beauty that counts, but deciding the best presentation still takes a lot of time and effort! But if you think about the goal of gift wrapping, it will be easier. Is it meant to be personal and creative? Or sleek and not overdone? If you want to be efficient, look for ready-to-go gift bags; if you want room for DIY, paper crafts will inspire you. Check out these gift wrapping essentials that’ll help you get the job done!


Gift Bags and Boxes: Beautiful and Efficient

Gift bags are the easiest way to get both the beauty of professional gift wrapping and the personal touch of original designs.


Gift bags

Snowy Stars Paper Bag (Set of 10) from Dailylike

Stand-up gift bags fit pretty much anything, and the snowy stars make them appropriate for any holiday gift-giving.


Gift pouches

Small Handmade Fabric Pouch from Pu Leimi

This drawstring pouch is lined and made with a sturdy Japanese-made canvas bottom, conveniently adding significance to any small-sized gifts.


Gift boxes

Pillow Gift Box from Dessin

Pillow gift boxes are roomy and brings miscellaneous little objects together with more protection than paper gift bags.


Papers and Tags: Personal and Thoughtful

Wrapping papers, gift tags… these are the essentials for any hand-wrapped gifts. Whether you want to keep it simple, or add a personal touch with gift tags, these little tools will help you out.


Wrapping paper

Sushi Wrapping Paper (5 designs) from Design LOL

The style of the wrapping paper decides the first impression of a gift, especially if you’re playing white elephant and appearance is a major part of the fun.



Peppermint Divine Twine from Q Mono

We love seeing ribbon bows sitting on top of a present—it’s so festive! Pick some ribbon or twine and make your present extra special!


Gift tags

Hand-painted Gift Tags from Twofold Cards

Hanging gift tags from a gift bow will add anticipation, and writing your recipient’s name is a great personal touch!



Snowflake Stamp from Ako Japan

If you favor crafting over buying ready-made items, cut out your own tags and use stamps to create pretty borders. This just shows how much the recipient means to you!


Stickers and Signatures: Crafty and Creative

There’s no limit on how hands-on you want to get with gift wrapping. With stationery like stickers and stamps, you can even make your own wrapping paper, or add details to the same packaging.



Personalized Embosser from Miss Jo Art Stamp

Emboss your logo or name on wrapping papers, tags or other parts of your present—it’s a seal of importance in a subtle, elegant look.



Colorful Christmas Sticker Sheet from Birthmark

Are you giving out big batches of stocking stuffers, or feeling decorative? Sticker embellishments can be an additional creative outlet, and can give each gifts a different feel.



Reindeer Illustration Kraft Stickers from Opera Glass

Large-sized illustration stickers are spotlight on their own. Pair them with blank papers, or use them to make minimalist greeting cards.


DIY Packaging Sets

Last but not least, original design aficionados create full-sets of packaging materials to let you fully experience the joy of creative gift wrapping.

Dried Flower DIY Packaging from Room Gallery

Includes a tag, dried flower, graphic vellum wrapping paper, and miscellaneous envelopes—a botanical delight!

Girl of Aurora Stationery Set from Hello Studio

A deluxe collection including 2 sets of envelopes, single-sided and double-sided stationery, notebook and poster, as well as gift tags and postcards.


Gift wrapping is not as daunting as you thought, right? Indulge in some crafty fun and get your presents ready!

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