Show Off Your Book with This Transparent Bookmark!

What kind of bookmark do you like to use? Leather, magnetic, or hooks? Our favorite bookmarks are the cute tags from indie fashion labels! Other than that, we are also sometimes caught folding in the page—nothing fancy. However, this transparent paperweight/bookmark has gotten us excited. It will change how you look at the pages!

This acrylic “Book on Book” is designed by Japanese studio, Tent. It’s shaped like an open book and you can place it on a cookbook, a dictionary, or on the flipping pages while reading in a windy park. Anytime you need your hands to be free, Book on Book is there to help.

Since it’s made of acrylic, your book will be protected from crumbs and spills even when it’s on the kitchen counter. Functionality aside, this beautiful sculptural piece also complements your desk and coffee table! Prop it on a beautiful page, and your book will become a personalized home decor. You can even change the design day by day.

We love this idea! Is Book on Book the kind of bookmark you are looking for?


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