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6 Simple Ways to Brighten Up Your Week at the Office

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Have you ever wondered why summer vacations only apply to students? For hard-working nine-to-fivers, more time is spent in the office than on vacations. The good thing is that the sun and glorious weather show up everyday just as dutifully, so let’s make the best out of it! From yummy treats to colorful prints and accessories, a little creativity and positivity can bring that happy vibe to your office!  


Monday: Be Happy

Perilla temporary tattoo from KidCatss

Outdo standard office outfits with hand-drawn botanical temporary tattoos—a breath of fresh air to clear away the blues!


Tuesday: Push It!

Squirrel Flower Pot from QUALY

Are the screens giving you eyesores? Add some greenery to your desk, and the squirrel will remind you to get up and water your plant!


Wednesday Hump Day

Espresso Urban Bike from GEARLAB

Do yourself a favor and start biking to work! You’ll save on gym memberships, commute happier and sleep better!


Thursday: Mellow Out

Handmade Notebook and Cover from Motif Hill

Check in with yourself—a good notebook and protective cover will hold daydreams and nurture aspirations!


Friday Fun Day

Tropical Hat from Did You See Any Pattern

If you don’t have a parrot to bring to Flexible Friday, contribute with some tropical prints. Your coworkers will thank you for the fun!


Bonus Any Day

Banana Walnut Custard from Cocolicious

Sharing is caring, so bring in seasonal fruits and sweets to share and make an occasion out of an ordinary day!


See? It doesn’t take much to enjoy every day of the week!

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