Top 10 Taiwanese Independent Clothing Brands to Shop Online

List updated 2017

If you love buying clothes from independent fashion brands, you’re in for a treat because tons of emerging designers and indie clothing brands have been popping up in Taiwan, each with their styles and followers, from minimalistic to playful to gender-blending. Ready to explore styles and trends in Asia? Here are the most popular clothing brands from Taiwan that you can shop online here on Pinkoi for everyday wear!



Black Neoprene Dress

SUMI pays loving attention to every detail, so that customers experience their devotion straight from their clothes. By doing everything in-house, such as researching and sketching, designing and sourcing, taking photos and writing product descriptions to ensuring quality and service, SUMI stands for the inner beauty inherent to every woman.

Why we love SUMI: They are so lovely to look at and a breeze to mix and match. They bring out the best in any girl!


2. iohll

High Neck Print Top

iohll is pronounced “aye-yo,” just like the everyday Chinese expression for surprise, joy and many emotions in between. As a group with industrial designers, fashion designers and communications designers, iohll embraces the unlimited possibilities and challenges that different perspectives open up, so fashion design can be enjoyed in many different ways. 

Why we love iohll: the refreshingly clean cuts flatter every body type and bring minimalist urban-chic to a new level. Love!


3. 0_1 (pronounced linyi)

Dark Blue Dress

Founded by model and designer Linyi, 0_1’s natural and uncomplicated style is the result of being your true self. With mostly neutral solids and understated patterns, as well as unique cuts and drapes, 0_1 (read linyi, same as the designer’s name) puts fashion design back in the  everyday where every girl can see herself in.

Why we love 0_1: Arriving at the 0_1 shop is like stumbling upon a private Instagram feed: serene snapshots are laid out like candid lifestyle photos, inviting you to share the intimate moments curated by Linyi.
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4. Corsage


The diverse team of Corsage is from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and are connected by the motto, “Design your life!” Their asymmetrical and gender-neutral styles will surprise you as they keep pushing the boundaries of design, creativity and possibilities!

Why we love Corsage: once you step into one of their mischievous clothings, you’ll never feel the same again!


5. MoreMoreToe

Mr. Parrot Polka Dot Leggings

To designer More, clothing is a beautiful, subtle language spoken without words. Capturing daydreams and fleeting ideas with her illustrations and designs, MoreMoreToe clothings help you express what words cannot.

Why we love MoreMoreToe: the style is refreshing, they are comfortable to wear, and make you feel good inside out.


6. H-zoo

Layered Mosaic Shirt Sweater

With H-zoo clothing, “comfy” is the first word that comes to mind; “easy” is the second. Relaxed styles with off-shoulder details and round pockets are given a constructed look with thoughtful seaming and various cotton materials.

Why we love H-zoo: H-zoo pieces are easy to wear and easy to pair; they make you feel good without over thinking about how to look good!


7. Raw Ecoproject

Boatneck Top

Raw Ecoproject handmade items not only support small productions and the use of natural materials, they also strike a stunning balance between ethnic loose-fits and urban stylishness. Linen culottes and harlem pants are a few of their specialties.

Why we love Raw Ecoproject: With bare feet and sophisticated styles, Raw Ecoproject shows us peace and nature can be enhanced by passion and a mission!


8. Yinke

Mountain/Doggie Illustrations Hoodie

Yinke makes characters out of everyone and everything in life: an autism child, a stray dog; a mountain, a taste, a movie or a song. These characters end up on clothings, bags and stationery, carrying out Yinke’s dream to make the world a better place.

Why we love Yinke: every knit and every stroke of yinke’s cute illustrations make us feel warm and cared for!


9. Tran

Long Kimono Cardigan

Like water flowing into life, Tran removes the excess, arriving at a clean, minimalistic quality. With black, white, and occasionally blue or grey, Tran brings your attention to the purest forms of clothing: the shapes, the flow, and the possibilities of fabrics.

Why we love Tran: Besides sleek, well-executed details, the zen, oriental attitude and functional gender-neutral designs makes Tran stand out in minimalist fashion.
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10. Hao

T-shirt and Shorts Set

When it comes to fashion, Hao’s founder has always been a no-frills kind of guy. He brought this philosophy and founded Hao with minimalist, clean-cut cotton clothing, and even customers could recognize his “simple, down-to-earth, and comfortable” personality in the brand.

Why we love Hao: With items wearable by both genders, Hao’s detail-oriented designs help us appreciate both the craft of making clothes and the simplicity of happiness.
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Do you own any pieces from Taiwanese independent designers? Comment and let us what you love and what you want!


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