Color of the Week | Camel & Caramel

As the temperature drops and leaves turn gold, we’ve been thinking of tea lattes, cheesecakes, brûlées and pies a lot! These sweet thoughts are comforting, like a cardigan in the fall breeze that echoes the changing colors of food, fashion and the nature. This fall, let’s indulge in senses with some caramel beige shades!


Assam Milk Tea Black Tea from Wolf Tea

Instead of going to bubble tea places for iced drinks, brew a pot of homemade milk tea—these Assam blend is made for exactly that!


Felt Hat from Korakuen

Wear your daydreams for the season to a forest stroll and breathe in scents of the falling leaves.


Large Kraft Paper Bag from JOMU Studio

Fall can be fleeting but this is no time to rush. Celebrate each passing moment with a lightweight yet durable kraft paper bag.


Sorani Torori Chocolate-Dipped Utensils from JingWeiJue

Is the weather bringing you down? Serve yourself some chocolaty delights to comfort your heart and appetite!


Turmeric Rose Si Wu Brown Sugar from Damu Farms

This season, stay warm and keep away from the flu with natural wisdom and herbal remedies!


Cowhide Maple Leaf Bookmark from Me Studio

With its soft touch and sturdy material, this customizable bookmark can be engraved and sent out to a loved one!

Where do you like to wear your caramel colors—scarves, stationery or utensils? We like it in our hot milk tea!


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