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7 Activities and Traditions to Celebrate Moon Festival

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Did you know that the Moon Festival is a major holiday in Chinese culture? As a full moon lights up the night sky, people return home to gather with families and gaze at the moon together over mooncakes, pomelos and more recently, BBQs.

Surrounded by thousand-year-old folktales such as the Moon Lady Chang-E and the Jade Rabbit, the Mid-Autumn Festival is on August 15th of the lunar calendar, which falls on September 27th this year. Here are some ways you can get in the spirit for this mid-autumn celebration!


1. Tell stories

Rabbit and Moon Coin Purse from Heartcraft

Rich with legends such as the self-sacrificing Rabbit and the uprising against Mongols in the 13th century, this is a holiday for storytelling and imagination!


2. Eat mooncakes

Wooden Moon Cake Carvings from Sylvia

These traditional pastries have sweet fillings wrapped in a tender crust; it symbolizes reunion, completeness and fruition.


3. Have fun with pomelo

Pomelo Postcard from Jiang Design

Pomelo, also known as the Chinese grapefruit, is refreshingly sweet. Popular as both tea and marmalade (learn a super easy recipe here!), its skin is great for DIY projects too (think pomelo lanterns and pomelo-carving).


4. Moon-watching

Full Moon Handbag from Hachi Kawa Leatherworks

The ancient Chinese have fancy moon worship rituals on this night. Hold your own ritual by simply gazing at the moon on your balcony!


5. Pray for a Relationship

Jiao Bei Teacup Set from KOAN+

Moon Festival also happens to be the birthday of Yue Lao (the Old Man Under the Moon), a matchmaker god who can grant relationships by tying the two ends of a red thread to two people. Make your prayers heard tonight!


6. Have a BBQ

Ceramic Baking Dish from In the Mood

Carry your summer BBQ’s into mid-autumn with this recent tradition! Do it the Taiwanese way with thin pork slices, soy-sauce-based BBQ sauce and green onions!


7. Gather with friends and family

Cement Owl from T-Bone Studio

You are truly in the holiday spirit when you join friends and family for any festivities! Also ask the moon to send your thoughts to loved ones far away!


In the mood for fall!

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