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6 Light & Cozy Jackets to Transition from Summer to Fall

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 Fall is the perfect time to hunt for jackets! This is a tricky season: Often the sun shines bright but the wind gives you chills. You head out for the night wondering if you should dress to stay cool or stay warm. Since jackets for fall are not only practical but also fun to layer (it's the leggings season!), we’ve found you 6 essentials styles so you can be out and about in style and comfort!


1. Wear Cardigans for chilly AC

Quilted Cardigan from wusi | Periwinkle Cardigan from NOVI

If air conditioning in the office is still on, you might feel chillier than usual, so make sure to keep yourself warm with a cardigan and a cup of milk tea!


2. Wear Denim jackets for quick errands


Velvet Collar Denim Jacket from iohll | Vintage Denim Jacket from moderato

Can’t decide between bulky coats and warm cardigans? Think no more—just throw on a denim jacket and you’re good to go!


3. Wear trench coat for chilly evenings

Bohemian Red Coat from Old Things | Mustard Trench Coat  from MCHA

We love the autumn breeze, but only when it’s warm under the sun! Wear a light trench to make your transition into fall effortlessly. (You can try incorporating some fall colors too!)


4. Wear Capes for daydreaming

Wool Cape from SUMI | Black Cardigan from Tsai Yun Tse

With their structured silhouettes and a touch of fairy tale, capes could make any day cozy and special. (For bonus points, top it off with a beanie—or a fedora hat if you prefer classy over cute!)


5. Wear Leather jackets for extra kick (and warmth!)

Leather and Wool Jacket from CLOTHPOINT | Vintage Leather Jacket from Jumping Lady

From blazers to bomber jackets—perhaps with suede or velvet accents—leather adds a punch to your fall attire.


6. Wear Raincoats for bad weather


Waterproof Long Jacket from DIIID | Fluorescent Raincoat from Corsage

Don’t let rain and puddles ruin your day. With a stylish raincoat on, you’ll feel extra confident getting things done while braving through the weather!


Do you have them all?

Fall style hunting

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