Color of the Week | Dark & Crimson

Director Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak is in theaters this week, just in time for the Halloween chills. In an old mansion on top of a bloody-red hill, ghosts whisper in the hallways, and secrets hide behind solemn faces. Watching this gothic thriller demands some bravery, but the spellbinding crimson shades are harmless!


Red Silk Long Skirt from Athena Chuang

When you sweep across the hushed grand ballroom in red silk, there’s no questioning who is in charge.


Bleeding Bracelet from September Room

Ouch! Does it hurt? Perhaps the bleeding wrist is not as painful as the bleeding heart.


Red Ceramic Pedestal from Jansen+co

Should it be red velvet or angel cake today? Depends on if you’re feeling naughty or nice!


Rose Tree Light from Deer Light

Even when deep into the night, a lovely bouquet of roses will still glimmer and guide your way.


Double Monk Shoe from Vanger

Leather, velvet, and double monk straps is not only fitted for for a Victorian dance, but also sturdy enough for you to run away from the haunted mansion.


Handmade Velvet Bag from Beara Beara

Crafted with embossed leather and loosely resembling a Medieval round crest, this bag will stay with you with centuries-old craftsmanship.


Carybaby Candle from Eye Candles

Carybaby cries the tears of blood, and seven hours later they will have dried up, perfect for the witching hour.


Are you feeling the spook?

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