4 Winter Holidays to Celebrate Around the World

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Besides Christmas, do you know other major holidays in December? Let’s tour around the world and see all kinds of winter festivities around the world! It never hurts to learn more about holidays and more reasons to celebrate this season!

Hanukkah - December 6-14, 2015

Also known as the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah is an eight-day Jewish holiday. In the second century, the Jews rebelled against foreign Syrian-Greeks to protect their own culture and faith. One day, a miracle happened in the temple: with only enough oil to light one candle, the candlelight remained burning for eight days. That’s why people celebrate Hanukkah with a 9-branch menorah (the candle holder), lighting up one candle each day, and displaying the candles to remind each other of their roots. 

Candle with Gold Specks  from Hi Kidult

”Faith” Candle Holder from Oreed Design

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Yule - December 21, 2015

Yule is an ancient Germanic holiday celebrating the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. It is said that the Norse god Odin led “the Wild Hunt” across the sky with dead warriors and ghost hounds, making the ancient winters harsh and dark. Since the sunlight will be longer after Yule, people feast, drink, and toast the gods for health and peace. To celebrate, you can burn a Yule log or eat a Yule log cake to bring good luck!

Acorn Pendant from Oli Oli Jewelry

Yule Log Bear Cub from Nojiiro Tamago

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Bodhi Day and La-ba Festival - December 8, 2015

Bodhi Day is the day Buddha achieved enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, and it’s also called La-Ba Festival in Chinese. “La-Ba” literally means December 8th in the lunar calendar. On this day, ancient Chinese royalties and civilians cooked porridge for the gods and ancestors to give thanks, and for some, to commemorate the Buddha. The porridge is commonly cooked with brown sugar, dates, goji berry, and peanuts—a blend of very festive red colors!

Bodhi Seed Bracelet from Zazen Creations

Red Bean Soup Decor from Sweet Dream

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Christmas - December 25, 2015

Christmas needs no introduction! No matter where you’re from, it’s easy to get into the Christmas spirit by sending gifts and writing holiday cards. For a classic take, you can also revisit Charles Dicken’s novel, The Christmas Carol, that popularized the holiday in the 19th century. So on this day, hum to Christmas songs, help decorate a Christmas tree, and spread joy all around!

Stray Animal Awareness Postcards from Annie’s Design x Art

Snowy Winter Wreath from Good Lily

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What's your favorite way to celebrate winter holidays?

Image source: Andrew Rotto, Comrade Foot, Michal Osmenda

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