Back to School Stationery Essentials Every College Student Needs

It’s that time of the year to stock up on fresh supplies and create some style! From backpacks to planners to tech accessories, this back-to-college essentials checklist will get you swinging back into action in no time at all!


 1. Back-to-school backpacks

Backpack from RITE

Your backpack is your personal hallmark. From the design to the material to the size that’s just right for your Macbook, every detail must be considered for the perfect pack.


2. Planners

Mona Lisa Planner from Mr. Goat

What’s on your agenda—weekly plans, dates or wine tasting notes? Check out Mr. Goat’s video on how to make a planner work for you!


3. Pens and pencils

BNdot Ballpoint Pen from BN Works

One classy pen is all you need to up your game (in class, at career fairs, or anywhere you want to stand out). Unless you’re a serious journler—then you need fountain pens and sets.


4. Adhesive page markers

Clear Notes from InBlooom

There’s too much to remember in a chapter, even if it’s for your favorite class. Be sure to color code and organize efficiently!


5. Memos and Post-its

Round Sticky Notes from Chocho Design

For tackling daily tasks of all shapes and sizes, don’t settle for the same boring Post-its squares. Choose cool visuals to show off your style and make good use of checklist and blank designs—show them who’s boss!


6. Phone cases

Slim Phone Case from Sipping Creative

Your phone is as busy as you are: Spotify, Venmo, iStudiez, Tinder… the list goes on. You have new back to school outfits, and your phone needs one that holds up against the actions, too.


7. Cable organizers

Wooden Headphones Organizer from Bover

Be swift and cool with your cables whether you’re hitting the gym or the library. Caring for your gadgets is another step towards adulting!


8. Laptop and tablet sleeves

Hardshell Macbook Case from Monocozzi

A stylish tech accessory can make homework glamorous, so why not?


9. Pen cases

Marble Pencil Case from All About Bagss

Whether it’s for your pens and stickies or lipstick and rollerball, personalized pouches and cases are essential to keeping your busy days stylish and organized.


10. Tote bags

Signature Tote from White Oak Factory

For happy days with only a class or two, carry a pretty tote that’ll take you from English class directly to a coffee date!


With these new gears, you're ready to tackle anything for the school year!

Look good and dream big!

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