Fitness Essentials Designed to Motivate

Sleepy on weekends? Unmotivated at work? What you need is a little jumping and moving around. No, don’t crawl back to bed—getting active is easier than you think! Any type of regular movement such as walking, running, or yoga all helps you relax and boost your mood naturally. Let’s get you motivated with a few sporty designs!


KANO Baseball Uniform from Real Guts 

Wear your favorite sports team to inspire yourself. Our hero today is the legendary Taiwanese baseball team, Kano, formed of Taiwanese, Japanese and aboriginals in the 30’s!


Mountain Layers Socks from +10

Move the mountains in these green athletic socks. They are specifically named after the mountains near where the designers live!


Wide Leg Linen Pants from Raw Ecoproject

Relax and breathe. It’s the easiest exercise, so no excuses! Mindful breathing in yoga or meditation helps you go a long way in sports and everyday living!


Cotton Sports Bag from Bagcom 

Sport towel, water bottle, keys… once you start exercising regularly, you’ll have a good reason to own a sports bag!


Fluorescent Sports Bra from Miss Runner

Shoot across the tracks like a shining star!


RUN Hoodie from Panic Junkie

Think of it this way: painting sounds hard, but doodling is easy. Jogging sounds pro, but taking a walk is easy!


Bubble Tea Sports Towel from Shoppa

Truth be told, we’d rather be having bubble tea. (Shh!)


Walnut Thermos from Wood Into Thirds

Body-temperature water is the best reward for your hard-working cells!


“If you work hard looking good, you should look good doing it,” says Tania, the designer of Miss Runner. How will you start working hard?

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