8 Practical Steps to Becoming a Morning Person

“Meep meep!” Instead of alarm clocks, The Road Runner on Cartoon Network used to be the most effective way to get kids jump out of their beds happily at as early as 6:30 am! Sometimes we can’t help but wonder, what if we can go back in time and become early risers again (just to watch cartoons)? While that’s unlikely, there are a few mind hacks and practical steps that’ll actually do the trick. (We even have a post about sunrise color inspirations!) Come join us and give them a try.


1. Have a morning routine with Drip Bag Coffee

Drip Bag Coffee from Love in Time Co

Before going to bed, plan what you’ll have for breakfast the next morning, have your work stuff laid out, and set the time for your coffee machine—knowing what to expect in the morning is more powerful than a single alarm!


2. Have an evening routine with Relax Skincare Set

Relax Skincare Set from Daughter

Develop a relaxation routine such as a simple 15-minute facial or evening showers common in Asia. It’ll make your sleep hours more effective!


3. Give up the snooze button with Table Clock

Table Clock from Tone 40

Dare to switch to an analog alarm clock without a snooze button! Those extra 10 minutes don't really buy you more rest. In fact, the snooze button interferes with your biological clock and might be the reason you couldn’t get up.


4. Have a glass of water by your bed with Drinking Glass

Drinking Glass from 0416x1024

A sip of room-temperature water will cleanse your body, get you hydrated, and gently wake you up.


5. Turn everything off (Unless you prefer a Sheep NIght Light)

Sheep Night Light from MoziDozen

Besides turning off the lights, also turn off your electronic devices. Free yourself from distracting notifications and glaring screens, and sleep in the pitch-dark night like our ancestors used to.


6. Deliberately wake up your body with Ace Hotel Tokyobike

Ace Hotel Tokyobike from Tokyobike

From wiggling your toes to stretching to a morning ride, exercises wake up your body and you’ll be trained to look forward to that rush of refreshment.


7. Journal with a Notebook

Notebook from dessin

Same goes for waking up your mind. Do freewriting, dream journaling or write down your priorities for the day. If you know how to declutter your mind, you’ll be less likely to dread the morning hustle. (Also read: 5 Tips to Keep Your Bags Organized)


8. Think Happy thoughts with Yohand Superwoman stickers!

Yohand Superwoman Sticker from Yohand

After opening your eyes, tell yourself it’ll be a good day (here’s why happiness is worth your time). Dress for success and think happy thoughts that gets you rolling off the bed!


Connect with what makes you happy and practice these tips. If 8 steps is too many, start with one—every bit counts! (#3 wasn’t working so we’re practicing #7 now!)

Sunshine & Motivations

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