8 Atypical Moon Accessories that Light Up the Night

The mysterious moon has always inspired dreamers and artists. Su Shi, a beloved ancient Chinese poet and moon-lover once wrote, “Although forever waxing and waning, the moon remains never-changing.” Since the Moon Festival and a lunar eclipse is happening this Sunday, let’s dive into some creative designs dedicated to the moon!


1. Hazy Moon Phone Case from wearPractice

Sometimes, the fog makes it harder to see, but be assured you’ll find the way.


2. Lunar Eclipse Top from Moi Non Plus

Reveal the eclipse over a white dress or camouflage it with a black one. There’s always more than meets the eye!


3. Watching the Same Moon Postcard from Postman

Pray to the moon and perhaps she will bring stories into your dreams.


4. Howl at the Moon Clock from Haoshi Design Studio

On a full moon, let your wild side out and howl at this glow-in-the-dark moon clock!


5. Horizons Vinyl and Gold Foil Necklace from Lumdums

Even in the dark of night, let’s reach up to the sky where the moon shines bright.


6. Cycle of the Moon Rests from Lemnos

The cycle of the moon reminds us life is always changing. These tin rests will light your table with their soft glow.


7. Dark Moon Concrete Necklace from C3 Craft

Everybody's got a dark side, do you love mine? The moon is essentially a piece of rock—but a beautiful one!


8. Moon and Stars Top from Urb.

What do you see in the starry sky? The universe is a huge playground for scientists and creatives alike!


Celebrate la luna

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