Beat the Winter Blues with Russian Designer Olga Ezova-Denisova

In the winter, we’re all hoping to feel connected to get through the long, dark hours. It’s times like these we need stories and art, and Olga Ezova-Denisova’s playful handicrafts give us just that.

Stories seem to keep bubbling up in Olga’s head, and luckily she plays with several mediums to tell them all. Embroidery, stamping and woodcut printing are a few of her favorite creative outlets, and she’s always up for trying new techniques.

It’s easy to feel isolated in the icy winters of Russia, but when I hide out with my imagination, it’s like a different world. I can dream and imagine, and create a wonderland where it’s warm and joyful.

Her characters look like they belong on cozy puffy pillows, don’t you think?

Next time when you’re feeling the winter blues, remember Olga’s work and keep your hands busy with some crafts, too!


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Source: The Design Blog

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