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7 Ways New Moms can Make Everyday Enjoyable

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After a woman enters motherhood, life is never the same again. Some still are, such as a fulfilling career, a close family, coffee and girl’s talks. But other than these, new miracles and new challenges are popping up everyday! How do you find joy in the busy, chaotic life? We found a few items to remind you of simple pleasures only new moms understand!


Mint Forest Baby Shoes from Cocon Zakka

Prints or checkers, flowers or animals? Dressing up your baby any way you like has to be the number one mommy’s entertainment!


Snow Leopard Diaper Bag from Jumi

Diapers and bottles, napkins and wipes…… cleaning up a mess while keeping your cool is a mother’s victory!


Lavendar Solid Perfume from Fatree Factory

Even among all the chaos, all-natural solid perfume is easy to dab on and make yourself feel confident for the long day ahead.


Rosewood Tea Seed Oil Detergent from Chatzutang

Never again does a new mom splurge for herself. The family’s happiness becomes the reason to opt for all-natural quality and a peace of mind.


Blandito Transformable Pad from Söt Inc.

Snuggle, cuddle, sing along and roll on the floor—everyday is a date with your beloved (you can decide if Hubby is invited or not!)


Good Things Take Time Notebook from Xiao Chang

There are times when you feel down and alone, but don’t be afraid to let your feelings out. Write them down because it might lead you to your inner strength! (Read more: Find what journal suits you the best!)


Sleeping Fox Wall Vinyl from My Little You

When it comes to home decor, safety is now the priority, but the wall remains yours for dreams and imagination!


Take care of your family by taking care of yourself!

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