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Color of the Week | Yellow & Gentle

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White Sheep Bucket Bag from Bangs Tree

How do you enjoy the sun-filled days without sweating? One way is waking up early to a cool, leisurely morning before the sun turns mean and harsh! Early mornings mean more time to cover yourself with an adorable shawl, and to make home-brewed coffee with ease. The key to getting up early is tending to the details and cherishing each moment, so rise early and shine your light like the morning sun!


Dinosaurs Socks from tan-tan

First thing in the morning—put on fuzzy warm socks. You can silently glide across the room like a cat!


Pine Cube LED Light from Soyee

In this fleeting moment between night and morning, light a dim light and awake gently.


Naturally Dyed Scarf from Mumu

Take a minute to put on a scarf or shawl before joining the hustle and bustle. Don't you look beautiful?


Cream Top Mug from Twine

Brew some coffee or tea, and clear your mind for as long or as short as you desire. Cherish this daily rite in the comfort of home.


At Dawn Dried Flower Wreath from Flower

Even if it’s hard to tend a living garden in the midst of the city, it’s still possible to keep nature close and cheer for dawning every day, together!


Dried Pineapple Slices from Sweekii

Dried pineapples are like a fruity version of the sun saying, “Yes, breakfast is important, so eat us quick!”


Give yourself some morning perks so you’ll look forward to rising early!

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