It Ships! 8 Chinese New Year Gifts Shipping Worldwide

Chinese New Year is a season to appreciate family as well as business relationships, so Chinese New Year gifts are usually boxed sets for groups rather than individuals. If you’re thinking of loved ones far away, or know people who are away from their families, a Chinese New Year gift set is a warm alternative to celebrating the holiday with them.


1. Chinese New Year Herbal Tea Gift Set from Grassphere

Grassphere is a brand active in urban farming and organic living. This set includes Marigold Comfort Tea and Natural Energy Herbal Tea.


2. Assorted Dried Fruits from Sweet Kii

This makes a healthy sweet collection of dried white and red dragon fruits, pineapples, kiwi, star fruits, tomatoes and papayas.


3. Chinese New Year Happiness Tea Set from Wolf Tea

You will find Wolf Tea’s best sellers in this Chinese New Year set: oolong, pekoe oolong and black tea in orange, white and yellow tins. (Wolf tea is a featured Designtrepreneur reviving tea culture among the younger generation.)


4. The Four Blessings Incense Set from Ning Incense

The floral scents of peony, begonia, chrysanthemum, and plum blossoms give receivers the traditional Four Blessings of Chinese New Year: Fortune, Prosperity, Longevity, and Happiness.


5. Red Ginger Gift Set from Damu Farms

With this set of turmeric powder, turmeric brown sugar, turmeric thin noodles, and turmeric flat noodles, it’s going to be a warm and healthy spring for sure! (You’ll want to know how Damu designer Wen-Ling is supporting local farmers grow and sell directly.)


6. Oolong Gift Set from Toppu

Give the ultimate oolong experience with light oolong, roasted oolong, and small-leaf oolong—great for different times of the day throughout Chinese New Year holiday.


7. Four Seasons Handmade Soap from Naturally Tasty

This Chinese New Year gift of wellbeing includes a lavender body soap, a coffee bean body scrub, an osmanthus facial soap, a tea seed oil laundry soap, and a pottery dish made to hold soft handmade soaps!


8. Body Care Set from Daughter

This all-natural body lotion, hand lotion, and body soap from the family business, Daughter, has caused a sensation. Perfect the gift with the story of how Daughter revamped her parent’s body care factory.


Tea, fruits, and dried foods will never go wrong; useful home products are also ideal contemporary gifts! Remember you can combine multiple shipments into one through Pinkoi’s Forwarding Service, too!

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