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Color of the Week | Wooden & Cozy

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Something about wooden interiors always seem to beckon us home, the sanctuary where we unplug and recharge every single day. Perhaps it’s the warm color, perhaps it’s the natural touch. With so many beautiful shades and grains, these wooden goods are inviting us to cozy up!


Bamboo Clock from tik á design studio

This light-colored bamboo silent sweep clock will help you stay focused and peaceful.


Japanese Oak Tray from Qiao

Make dinner a priority with homemade food and this fancy oak tray!


Taiwanese Cypress Coaster from Wooding

When the 30-year-old tree in your backyard is strucken down by typhoon, you make it into a coaster to continue stay in each other's lives.


Birthday Penguin Figurines from hanano

Figurines make stories come alive! Today, tell a story of the penguin family and Little Penguin’s birthday party!


Branches Holder from Mogu Masha

It's a relief to come home to your own little tree that will take good care of your keys, necklaces, bracelets and more. Choose from beech and ashwood!


Spiral Organizer from Hitonari

Do you leave stuff lying around all the time? This organizer can hide them all and blend in with other natural materials!


Chopsticks and Utensil Stand from muyu

A mountain silhouette will help you chew slowly, talk slowly, and enjoy the merry time of sharing food.


How would you add a touch of wood to your home?

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