10 Unique Christmas Presents for Her

Show the woman of your life you "get" her with the perfect gift! When picking a Christmas present for her, pay attention to what she already owns and the upcoming plans she's making, then add on to it! Perhaps she loves the color yellow, then find her something she doesn't own yet. If she's planning to travel solo in another continent, do some homework for her and get her the best guidebook or travel pack.

We've compiled this list of gift ideas based on her hobbies and interest. Make it clear you want to contribute to her happiness—there's nothing sweeter than that!


1. For the Foodie girl: Novelty Jam Drops


Is her Instagram filled with foodie photos and is she always trying new things? Get her gourmet snacks made in small batches, like dried fruits or these novelty , so she can easily taste, snap and share!

✧ Find gifts of food


2. For the Girl on the Go: Trendy Two-way Bag

The Dude

Whether in career or life, she's always driven by passion! Get her a sleek, original bag that'll keep her confident and lively throughout client visits and art show openings. 

 Find gifts of bags


3. For the Homemaker: Mountain Pillows

Bonbon Handmade

Help her create cozy corners for her guests and herself with decorative pillows and throws for the living room!

 Find gifts of pillows 


4. For the Cook: Ceramic Toast Plate

716 Zakka 

Is she an at-home baker, chef, or even bartender? Is she a scientiest or a hostess? Find a variety of diningware and cookware that plays to her taste and style!

✧ Find gifts of tableware


5. For the Collector: Bowling Santa Russian Dolls 


Perhaps she loves all thing cats, or collects russian dolls, or simply likes to display memorabilias. Add to her collection with the small things that count!

✧ Find gifts of decor and collectables


6. For the Snuggler: Pocketed Scarf


Make her feel extra warm with this pocketed scarf—a great companion for both lounging in the house and kneeling by the campfire!

✧ Find gifts of knits


7. For the Writer: Glass Dip Pen Set

Rewen Shop

For the serious journaler or calligraphy artist, acknowledging her love for the written words will surely win her heart.

 Find gifts of pen


8. For the Original Girl: Indigo Dye Makeup Bag 

Spruce Artistry

Only unique designs from independent artists can satisfy girls with their own unique tastes. If you’re not sure about your own taste, useful accessories like pouches, cases, or mugs in original design patterns are sure to delight!

✧ Find gifts of original pouches


9. For Pet Moms: Polka Dot Collar

Human n' Hound

Toys, treats, or fashion accessories for a girl and her pet(s) are the quickest way to please two at once!

✧ Find gifts of pet supplies


10. For The Naturalist: Skin and Body Care Set 


Does she protect herself from UV rays and late hours, and pay attention to aging and skincare? High quality, natural-ingredient skin care products will speak to her natural beauty.

✧ Find gifts of skincare


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Text: Melissa

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