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Rain Check? Have Fun Indoors and Out!

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Do rainy days make you frown? Or do they make you smile? Although they can get in the way of our everyday business, rainy days have their own fun and charm both indoors and out! So don’t let them bring you down—just keep scrolling for activities ideas best saved for a rainy day!


Indoor Recess

Be a Zen master

Rabbit Wind Chimes by Studio-Y2

Rainy days offer natural beauty and tranquility in your own home. Brew some quality hot tea and listen to the soothing jingle of chimes—why go to a retreat to relax?


Have coffee for one

KONETA fairy Cup by bunita

Is this what coffee at the Left Bank feels like? Nothing but misty rain, you and your deep thoughts.


Bond over puzzles

Single Puzzle Piece Earring by Toy Accessory

If playing puzzles doesn’t feel like an exciting use of time, double it as an unique bonding opportunity! Call up a friend; be thoughtful and collaborative together.


Pick up the pages again

Leather Leaf Bookmark by Me Studio

How long have you left your favorite bookmark abandoned in the pages? Reward its faithful service with some more pages!

Outdoor Adventure

Soak up the dew

Hokusai Felt Handbag by After School

Head to a beach and let water embrace you from head to toe! Dig your feet in the wet sand and surf in the rain!


Take it to the hot springs

Work It Slogan Towel by Night Heron Design Studio

Be buddy-buddy with nature as you throw on nothing but a Chinese slogan towel that declares your sense of adventure! (Reads: A man like me never stops until I'm proud!)


Meet furry friends who don’t mind being wet

Double-sided Animal Bucket Hat by Mouton blanC

This is the best time to visit the zoo: it won’t be crowded and the animals have no one too look at but you!


Freshen up a relationship

Hamburgers and Fries Umbrella by YIZIStore

Getting too comfortable in a relationship? Take your loved one for a walk; perhaps the view from under the umbrella will give you new perspectives.


What are your favorite activities in or out of the rain? Comment below and share with everyone!

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