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  • Sales policy

    • Pinkoi is only an online marketplace that connects customers (buyers) and designers (sellers). Order shipments, returns/refunds, or exchanges are managed by the individual shops. Before requesting a refund, please first contact the shop and provide a reason. Thank you.

  • For Customers

    • How do I request for a refund?

      Please go to Refund Requests and fill in the form.

    • Why can't I find the Refund Requests page on Pinkoi?

      Currently, you can only see the Refund Requests page on website and mobile Web. If you ordered from the Pinkoi app, please go to Pinkoi's website or mobile Web to request for a refund.

    • What should I keep in mind when returning or exchanging products?

      For returns or exchanges, products must be sent back to the shop in the original condition and packaging (including the product, inner and outer packaging, accessories, complimentary items, etc.). Shops will process returns and exchanges according to the Returns Policy, and after verifying that the product is in its original packaging and condition.

    • In what circumstances will a return or exchange not be accepted?

      1. Products not bought from Pinkoi.
      2. Products with the original labels, tags, or packaging torn off; or products containing any changes to the original condition caused by the customer.
      3. Requesting to return or exchange the product after the required period (7 days counting from the day after the order arrives).
      4. Other products excluded for returns and exchanges under the laws of seller’s country.
      5. Other products unsuitable for return or exchange, and the shop has clearly stated so on the product page (e.g., perishable goods such as food and flowers, personal hygiene products, etc.).
      6. If there are other circumstances, customers should send a Pinkoi message to the shop and discuss the return/exchange.
    • How are partial order refunds calculated?

      For partial refunds, discounts used (e.g., bonus points, coupons, or Pinkoi offers), payment processing fees, and the original shipping fee will not be refunded, as they still apply to other items in the order.

    • What should I do if I received a defective product?

      Keep product and packaging in the condition you received the product in, and take a photo for the shop to inspect. If you did not provide photos or explanation at the time, and just returned the product directly to the shop, the shop may decide the refund amount according to the degree of defect and chances of resale.

    • Are there exchange rates for cross-border sales?

      Pinkoi receives customers' payments on behalf of shops and transfers the payments to shops monthly. The currency that Pinkoi receives in depends on the payment method used for an order. Choosing a particular currency and payment method may result in exchange rates between different currencies. Moreover, your payment account or card issuer may charge additional fees for international transactions.

    • How long does it take to receive credit/debit card refunds?

      This depends on your debit/credit card issuer. Debit card refunds may take a few days to appear in accounts. Credit card refunds may only appear in accounts on the card's billing date. The amount should be refunded in the current or next billing cycle to the card you paid with.

    • I forgot to use a coupon code. Can I request for a refund and place a new order?

      Unfortunately, forgetting to use an offer will not be accepted as a reason for canceling orders or requesting refunds.

  • For Shops

    • How do I process a refund request?

      Please go to Refund Requests to see all your received requests. After checking that the returned product is not damaged and the requested sum is correct, click "Approve" under the request details.

    • What should I do after receiving a returned item?

      After your shop has received a returned item and checked that it is in its original condition, you must respond to the corresponding refund request within 3 business days (counting from the day after the item is delivered to your shop).

    • What else should I keep in mind when processing returns and exchanges?

      If your product comes with a complimentary item, the product description should state clearly whether, in case of returns, your shop requires this complimentary item sent back. If there is no clear statement, you cannot use the unreturned complimentary item as a reason for refusing a return/refund.

    • What should I do if I cannot get in contact with a customer?

      If a customer does not reply to a message within 3 business days (excluding weekends and public holidays), please contact us.