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  • Buying

    • How do I contact designers/sellers?

      On a product's page, click the "Contact designer" right-hand pop-up button (on website), or the little envelope (on app).

    • Do I buy directly from Pinkoi?

      Pinkoi is an online marketplace. All products are made, listed, and shipped by designers/sellers. Using the Pinkoi platform, customers can buy directly from, and communicate directly with, designers/sellers. Designers are responsible for providing customer service before, during, and after purchases (inc. returns). If your rights have been infringed, or if there is dispute between customer and designer/seller, please contact us and we'll provide further assistance.

    • How do I buy on Pinkoi? What are the steps for placing orders?

      1. 1. Add an item to your Shopping Cart:
        1. To add an item to your Cart, simply click "Add to Cart" on a product's page. An "order" is defined as buying one or more item(s) from the same shop at one time. This means that if you order items from different shops, you would need to pay separately to each shop.
      2. 2. Go to your Shopping Cart, and follow these steps:
        1. a. Select a shipping method
          1. If you do not see shipping options for your country, please contact the designer/seller, who may be able to find a solution for you.
        2. b. Confirm item quantity
          1. Enter the number of items in the quantity box.
        3. c. Use a coupon
          1. Both Pinkoi and shops offer occasional coupons to reward customers for their support and feedback. To enter a coupon code, click "Use a coupon."
        4. d. Use bonus points
          1. You can use your bonus points for a discount at checkout. Simply click "use" Bonus points. How do I earn bonus points?
        5. e. Confirm order details
          1. Please confirm the order total after using discounts. Please also verify the shipping fee, which varies from shop to shop. In addition, product quantity (e.g., combined shipping) and shipping method may affect the order total.
      3. 3. Click "Check out" and follow these steps:
        1. a. Enter shipping details
        2. b. Select a payment method
          1. You can pay with credit/debit card, PayPal, Alipay, WeChat Pay, or Tenpay. What's more, you can earn bonus points from using these payment methods.Pinkoi payment methods
      4. 4. Confirm order
      5. 5. Receive order confirmation: our system will automatically notify the shop of your order.
    • The product that I want to buy has a "Join the waiting list" button. What does this mean?

      This means that the product is out of stock. You can try asking the shop if they have any stock left or will have in the near future. To get in touch with the shop, simply click the "Contact designer" link under the product photo, or go to the shop's page and click the "Contact designer" right-hand pop-up button.

    • The product that I want to buy has an "Order" button. What does this mean?

      For customized products, designers can alter certain aspects of the original product, such as material or color, according to a customer's requirements. The time needed for production/customization will be stated. Before placing an order, please decide if the time frame is acceptable and also discuss the order details with the shop. To get in touch, simply click the "Contact designer" link under the product photo, or go to the shop's page and click the "Contact designer" right-hand pop-up button.

    • If I don't speak the same language as the designer/seller, how do I communicate with them?

      Pinkoi messages may be machine translated. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

    • How do I change the currency/language?

      Go to the bottom of any Pinkoi webpage (though preferably not "Wall") and find the currency/language options at the bottom right-hand corner. On our app, you can change preferences in your account (settings cog icon).

  • Payment

    • What payment methods can I use on Pinkoi?

      1. Credit or debit card
        1. You can pay using a Visa, MasterCard, or JCB credit or debit card issued from anywhere in the world. Online payments are encrypted and securely processed. Once payment is verified, you can track an order by going to "My Pinkoi" and then My Orders. Pinkoi will also send a payment confirmation email.
        2. For security, Pinkoi cannot obtain information on your card's status. If your bank denies payment, the pertaining orders will be automatically canceled.
      2. Apple Pay
        1. You can use Apple Pay with your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch to pay within the Pinkoi app. At checkout, simply select Apple Pay and place your finger on Touch ID. To track your order, go to My Orders. Pinkoi will also send you an order confirmation email. For more information on Apple Pay, please visit Apple's official website.
      3. PayPal
        1. Once you click "Confirm order," you will be directed to PayPal's webpage for secure payment. Simply sign in to your PayPal account. If this is your first time using PayPal, PayPal will charge a one-time fee of US$1. Once payment is verified, you will be redirected to Pinkoi. You can track your orders by going to "My Pinkoi" and then My Orders. Pinkoi will also send a payment confirmation email.
      4. Alipay
        1. Upon clicking on "Confirm order", you will be redirected to Alipay's page via secure connection to pay, and then redirected back to Pinkoi. You will receive a confirmation email and can also find your order in "Orders" under the "My Pinkoi" tab.
    • Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on Pinkoi?

      Pinkoi processes online payments using a HTTPS Encrypted Connection and 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), in accordance with the International Security Standard. Moreover, Pinkoi has been approved by Taiwan's banking guidelines. Paying online on Pinkoi cannot be safer.

    • Can I use a Visa/MasterCard/JCB card issued from another country?

      Pinkoi accepts Visa/MasterCard/JCB cards issued from any country.

    • After I've paid with a credit/debit card, how can I check that the payment was successful?

      Once your credit/debit card payment is approved, we will send out a payment confirmation email. Please check that your email address is correct and you are subscribed to Pinkoi messages to avoid delayed confirmation.

      You can also check your order statuses by going to "My Pinkoi" and then My Orders. From the left navigation menu, find "Paid Orders" and see if your order is on that page.

    • Do I need to notify the designer/seller after payment?

      Our system will automatically notify designers/sellers of payments.

    • Can I change my payment method after placing an order?

      We suggest that you cancel your order and reorder the product choosing the correct payment method. Our system would have saved your shipping information, so reordering should be a matter of clicks.

    • I have placed an order and paid. What's next?

      1. This is what to expect after payment:
        1. 1. After payment is confirmed, the designer/seller will receive an order confirmation. They will make and ship the product(s) according to the order confirmation.
        2. 2. After shipment, designers/sellers should notify customers that their orders are shipped.
        3. 3. After the order is received, customers should go to the My Orders page and review the shops; in return, we'll send out a coupon.
      2. If you have waited longer than expected for a shipment, and have not been notified that the shipment is on its way, please contact the designer/seller via Pinkoi message. If they do not reply within 3 business days, please contact us.
  • Coupons Codes & Bonus Points

    • How do I use coupon codes?

      Go to My Cart, click on "Use a coupon." Then, simply enter the coupon code and the discount will be applied immediately.

    • How do I get coupon codes?

      1. 1. Pinkoi occasionally sends out promotional coupons to members.
      2. 2. Designers/sellers may have offers in the form of coupons.
      3. 3. If you review shops for purchases, you will receive coupons.
    • How do I use bonus points for a discount at checkout?

      For more information about how to use bonus points, see About Bonus Points.

    • Are there any conditions on the use of coupons?

      1. Use of coupons is subject to the following conditions:
        1. 1. For coupons given by Pinkoi after purchases: When customers have bought a product and given a review, Pinkoi sends out an email containing a 5% discount coupon code (if the shop hasn't sent out their own). Simply enter the coupon code according to the instructions given above (How do I use coupon codes?). You should see the discounted amount immediately. In addition, coupons can be used on any Pinkoi shop (Pinkoi offers discounts out of their own revenue; Pinkoi discounts do not affect sellers).

          Coupons expire 30 days from the issue date; please note the expiration date provided in the email.
        2. 2. For coupons offered by shops: If a shop sends you a coupon code via Pinkoi message, that coupon can only be used for the shop's own items. The amount and validity period are also determined by the seller. If a problem arises when using these coupons, please contact the seller.
        3. 3. For coupons from Pinkoi promotional activities: Pinkoi occasionally offers promotions in the form of coupon codes. These coupons can be used on any Pinkoi shop.
        4. 4. Previous orders cannot be canceled to apply a coupon code.
    • Are there any conditions on the combined use of coupons, bonus points, gift cards, and other discounts?

      1. 1. If different discounts are applied at checkout, they will take effect in the following order: coupons, bonus points, cash rewards, the first-purchase discount, other discounts.
      2. 2. Bonus points and coupons cannot be used together.
      3. 3. Cash rewards cannot be used in conjunction with coupons or bonus points.
      4. 4. Different cash rewards cannot be used together. The system will automatically select the highest cash reward.
      5. 5. The first-purchase discount cannot be used in conjunction with coupons or cash rewards, but can be used with bonus points and other discounts.
      6. 6. Shipping fee discounts can be used with other discounts.
      7. 7. Shipping fee discounts are limited to the shipping fee; if the discount worth is higher than the shipping fee, the remainder will not be applied to the item total.
      8. 8. Different shipping fee discounts cannot be used together. Different other discounts cannot be used together.
      9. 9. A shop discount is taken before a Pinkoi discount. For example, a product's original price is $100. The seller has offered a 10% discount ($90 after deduction). You use the Pinkoi first-purchase discount (5%). The order total will be $86 (5% is taken off $90).
      10. 10. Gift cards may be used in conjunction with other offers. Gift cards can be used to cover the item total and shipping fee (but not for payment processing fees).
      11. 11. Previous orders cannot be canceled to apply an offer/discount.
  • Shipping

    • What shipping methods does Pinkoi use?

      Designers manage their own shops, so please contact the shops for further information.

    • How are shipping fees calculated?

      As designers (sellers) manage their own shops, we cannot give a definitive answer about shipping fees. The cost will also depend on the product size, quantity, and the shop's chosen shipping company. Please contact the shops for more information on shipping options.

    • If I buy several items from the same shop, can shipping be combined?

      Designers (sellers) manage their own shops, so please contact the shop for further information. You can also check the shops' sales policies or product descriptions for more information.

    • If I buy items from different shops, can shipping be combined?

      1. Each shop on Pinkoi is managed by a designer, brand owner, or brand representative (sellers). That is why shipping usually cannot be combined between shops.
      2. However, if you buy from Taiwan-based shops, you can use Pinkoi's International Forwarding Service. This means that Taiwanese shops can use domestic shipping to send orders to our warehouse in Taiwan. We'll then bundle the orders together, and send them to you in a single package (and one international shipping fee!). Select this service at checkout shipping and it'll be organized for you!

        If you buy from our 24-Hour Shipping section, the domestic shipping will be free (we ship items from our warehouse). But it won't be 24 hours!
    • Can items be shipped overseas?

      Most shops offer international shipping. Please contact the shop and confirm with them before placing orders.

    • I need an item ASAP! Can it be shipped tomorrow?

      As designers/sellers manage their own shops, they decide their own production and shipping times. If you're in a hurry, we suggest that you ask the shop about shipping times before placing an order. If you're in Taiwan, you can also browse the 24-Hour Shipping section.

  • Customization & Bulk Buying

    • How do I discuss customizations with designers?

      To contact a shop, simply click the "Contact designer" link under the product picture, or go to the shop's page and click the "Contact designer" right-hand pop-up button.

    • How can I find out if a designer (shop) accepts customized orders?

      Products that accept customizations have a "Customizable" symbol (scissors) under the product photo. Please contact the designer, and ensure that both parties are happy with the required time frame and customizations, before placing an order.

    • Can I bulk buy products?

      Designers manage their own shops, so please contact the shops for further information.

  • Original design

    • What is "Original design"?

      "Original design" (symbolized by the lightbulb under the product photo) means that a product is designed by a designer. The designer may also personally make the product. Originality is incorporated into the conceptualization and making of the product. Buying original designs means owning something unique!

  • Shop on Vacation

    • Do shops process orders on weekends and public holidays?

      This depends on the shop. Please contact the shop for their operational hours.

    • If a shop is on vacation mode, can I still place orders?

      You can still make purchases even if the shop is on vacation. However, the designer/seller may respond to your order once s/he is back. We suggest that you contact the shop before placing an order.

  • Order Statuses

    • Where can I track my order statuses?

      Sign in to your account. Then, go to "My Pinkoi" and click My Orders to see all your orders (past and present).

    • How long is the shipping time after placing an order?

      Please consult the product's page for production and shipping times. If no information is available, please contact the designer/seller. Then place orders once you confirm that the timing is acceptable.

    • What should I do if my order did not arrive on time?

      Please first contact the designer/seller. To contact, simply click the "Contact designer" link under the product photo, or go to the shop's page and click the "Contact designer" right-hand pop-up button. If the designer does not reply within 3 business days, contact us. We'll help you contact the designer. It's our job to protect your consumer rights and to make sure that you have a wonderful shopping experience.

    • I realized that I provided the wrong details after placing an order. What should I do?

      Please contact the designer (seller). To contact, simply click the "Contact designer" link under the product photo, or go to the shop's page and click the "Contact designer" right-hand pop-up button.

    • Why should I review shops?

      A positive review is the biggest encouragement for any designer! Other customers can also benefit when considering a purchase.

      To leave a review, go to "My Pinkoi" and then "My Orders." Locate the correct order, and click the "Give review" button. Write something nice and attach pictures! You'll appreciate it when your intended purchase contains such reviews!