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  • Ethics Policy

    • Pinkoi Zine Ethics Policy

      1. We at Pinkoi always cite the bloggers, designers, and content creators whose ideas we post. Any missing credit is unintentional and will be corrected upon notice. If you wish to share our content for personal use, please do so under these conditions:
        1. 1. Give Pinkoi credit and include a direct link to Pinkoi.com.
        2. 2. Stay true to the original article; no words may be changed within, deleted from, or added to the original piece.
      2. The team at Pinkoi believes in and executes the following standards:
        1. 1. We provide direct links to online references and original source materials, unless doing so harms the sources.
          1. We give proper attribution when using, quoting, or basing our content on the works of others. We provide links to original content, and give photo and illustration credits to the original creators.
        2. 2. We only publish content as fact which we believe to be true.
          1. When we make an assertion in our content, we do so in good faith; we state the facts to the best of our knowledge; if we have reason to believe otherwise, we will note our reservations.
        3. 3. We write with purpose and accuracy.
          1. We produce our content with purpose—to enrich people's lives with interesting and honest information on design, DIY, art, and more.
        4. 4. We acknowledge and correct mistakes promptly.
          1. When an error is discovered, we will do our best to correct it immediately so that readers would not be misled by inaccurate information.
        5. 5. We strive for high-quality content.
          1. We uphold the standard of our content’s quality including basic copy-editing.
        6. 6. We respect the views and comments of all readers.
          1. We welcome readers to share their opinions and thoughts; however, Pinkoi is a tolerant, friendly, and approachable platform. Therefore, any comments deemed inappropriate—including spam, offensive language, and harmful or off-topic comments—will be deleted.
      3. Thank you for taking time to read this; if you have further questions or concerns, please contact us.