【Workshops】Private kitchen in the wild X Smarcus hiking X bamboo rice experience X camping butler (two days and one night)

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Break the high threshold of entering outdoor activities for the first time, without planning ahead! No need to prepare equipment! We will go to "Smarcus" to visit the independent thousand-year-old sacred tree group. On the way, you will explore the valley and soak in the Yexi Hot Spring. In the evening, with the assistance of the camping butler, pe
2020/11/6 (Fri
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Taiwan / Hsinchu County
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【Workshops】Private kitchen in the wild X Smarcus hiking X bamboo rice experience X camping butler (two days and one night)

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**There is a high degree of inquiries about the event. Since this event is also sold through other channels, please ask before booking if there is a place for the date you want to participate before registering!** "Smarcus" is called the tribe of God. Because it is located in a remote and deep mountain secret, the cypress virgin forest here has been guarded by the local Atayal people for generations, forming an independent and yearning group of sacred trees. In the evening, with the assistance of the camping butler, I personally set up a camp at a tribal camp at an altitude of 1,500 meters and enjoyed a menu-less private kitchen dinner under the stars. If you are lucky, the bright galaxy will rise up. After being awakened by the sun the next day, the private kitchen breakfast in the morning will warm our stomachs. Then visit the legendary forest, hike in the forest, and talk to the trees. I found that it is such a precious happiness to enjoy the passing of time in nature so leisurely and idly. We broke the high barriers for entering outdoor activities for the first time, without planning ahead! No need to prepare equipment! It doesn't matter if you have never eaten something you cook! In addition to the food, the private kitchen will take care of you (never eat the conditioning package). From the accounting to the collection, you will experience the implementation by yourself with the assistance of the camping butler. Even if it’s the first camping, it’s definitely not embarrassing! And it will make your future camping more handy! ※The hiking trail in this itinerary is about 11 kilometers back and forth. It takes about 4 to 5 hours to walk for the whole journey. The level is similar to the intermediate mountain. The trail is the original path, the road condition is good and roughly flat, the whole section is mainly gentle uphill, without wading. Please check your physical strength and health before signing up. It is more suitable for people who have exercise or hiking habits on weekdays. **Why is such a caring private kitchen and camping butler service** ▶ It is not uncommon to taste a private kitchen in the city, and enjoy dining in the wild! Move the kitchen under the stars, even with simple seasoning, the food becomes more delicious. Whether you are working with the chef or simply admiring the cooking process and smelling the aroma of the dishes, even if you don't usually cook at home, you can feel the joy of cooking! Finally, having dinner in nature, slowing down the pace of life, there will be full of stability in the heart. ▶ No need to prepare equipment There are enough camping homes. You can use our equipment to experience the camping atmosphere before confirming that camping tourism is suitable for you, and in the process, you can better understand your actual needs and invest in equipment for the future. It will be more helpful! After all, I spent a lot of money to buy equipment at the beginning, but it was very heartache that it was useless until the end! ▶ No driving, easy to enjoy private car transfer The beautiful camps away from the hustle and bustle are often in the more remote mountains. In the past, whether you were delayed because you didn’t have transportation or didn’t know how to drive, or because you had to drive a long mountain road home after you’ve collected your bills, you cried when you thought about it (then everyone except you) Big sleep, special sleep), don't worry at all this time! ▶ No need to spend a lot of time searching for planning I always want to leave the best memories every time I travel! If this happens to be your first camping trip, then you must want to enjoy the first dew in a scenic camp. We help you save the time to digest a lot of camp information, plan routes, and search for activities, easily live in high-quality camps, and enjoy the unique and excellent atmosphere of camping. **Highlights of the trip** ▶ Taste freshly cooked private kitchen dishes: from salads, soups to main meals, carefully make delicious dinners that combine seasonal fruits and vegetables and local ingredients. ▶ Make use of your cooking skills to make friends: If you are a young master and can't help but have skills, welcome to cook and eat together and enjoy the atmosphere of camping and fun. ▶ Visit the thousand-year-old sacred tree in the deep mountains: experience the joy of hiking, walk into the spiritual sacred tree group, and absorb the essence of Fendor. ▶ Listen to the forest embracing the trees: Try to let yourself be completely quiet for a period of time, and recharge yourself as you talk to the trees. ▶ Cook bamboo rice by hand: cook bamboo rice by hand in a natural container, and taste the strong human touch and light bamboo fragrance in the valley. ▶ Practice setting up a tent with your own hands: prop up your home in nature, and your outdoor life level will go further. ▶ Lying to sleep under the stars: The sky full of bright stars makes the night soft. If you are lucky, you will have the opportunity to see the Milky Way and even the meteors. ▶ Breakfast with big insects, song and birds: Let the private kitchen breakfast start your beautiful day. **Camp introduction** The camp that stayed in during the activity faces the mountains. In addition to being a good place to get in touch with nature, it is also a camp area that is organized and maintained instead of a complete camping site. I didn't worry about camping for the first time. I was not living a primitive life without water and electricity. ▶ 24-hour hot water pressure: Even in summer, the night in the middle and high altitude mountainous area is much colder than the flat land. Taking a comfortable hot bath can help you sleep comfortably! ▶ Separate dry and wet toilets and flush toilets: let you go out and play as comfortable as you can. ▶ Power supply: only power is available after 6 o'clock in the evening and the number of sockets is limited. Those in need should still bring their own mobile power supply. ▶ Internet communication: There are still communication points. The network connection situation depends on the personal telecommunications company. However, since you are in nature, it is recommended to use your mobile phone as a camera this day! ※ During the busy farming season (May-September), the tribe will have more flies in the morning. Travelers who are afraid of bugs, please consider it yourself. ※ We will prepare additional hair dryers for everyone **Itinerary content** first day 09:15 am Gather at Hsinchu High Speed Rail Station Exit 4 and depart 09:40 am Purchase lunch during the journey 11:20 am Lunch at Xiuluan Valley 14:00 pm Arrive at Smangus Tribe 14:30~17:30 pm 【Mountain Lan Camp, Mountain Forest Ning Listening and Resting, Cutting Wood, Bamboo Rice Making Experience, Tribal Story Spice Collection】 17:30~20:30 pm Private kitchen dinner under the starry sky in the wild the next day 06:00 am Departure (clean up the tent~) 06:30 am The early bird has a private kitchen – the worms and songbirds call for breakfast 08:30 am ~13:00 pm Dialogue with the tree: Hiking in the Smarcus Shenmu Group 13:30 pm Return trip, depending on the situation, rest in Xiuluan, Yulao or Neiwan Expect to return to Hsinchu High Speed Rail Station before 17:30 pm. If you want to take the high-speed rail, you must purchase a ticket after 18:00 pm ※ This itinerary will adjust the sequence of activities according to factors such as seasons and actual weather conditions. Outdoor activities are easily affected by the weather. In addition, the weather in mountainous areas changes rapidly. Whether the activity goes on schedule or not can only be decided on arrival. **Activity details** <<Number of people limit>> There are 6 people in the group, with a maximum of 14 people per session. <<shows>> 9/17(Thursday)~9/18 (Friday), 9/28(Mon)~9/29(Tue), 10/3(Saturday)~10/4(Sun), 10/8(Thursday)~10 /9(Fri), 10/17(Sat)~10/18(Sun), 10/31(Sat)~11/1(Sun), 11/6(Fri)~11/7(Sat)**None Meat unpacked group**, 11/14 (Sat) ~ 11/15 (Sun), 11/16 (Mon) ~ 11/17 (Tue), 11/21 (Sat) ~ 12/22 (Sun), 12 /6(Sun)~12/7(Mon) Two days and one night **If there are other performance needs, we provide customized appointments. On the designated date, a group of 6 or more people can start a group, 7 people can charter a group, and if there are more than 7 people, a group of 12 people must be collected to make the trip. Welcome to contact us!** <<Assembly Location>> Hsinchu High Speed Rail Station Exit 4-Please go to the meeting point by yourself. <<Need to prepare items>> -Motion sickness medicine (The road to Smarcus is long and rugged, and the road conditions are poor. It is recommended that people who are motion sickness "must" bring motion sickness medicine and take it in advance according to the doctor's instructions) -Sleeping bags (Due to personal hygiene considerations, some passengers like to use their own sleeping bags, so sleeping bags are not included in the charge. Please note that the average night temperature of Smancus is about 13-15 degrees Celsius. Please make sure that your sleeping bag keeps warm. For example. Passengers who do not have sleeping bags can also rent them from us!) -Headlights (headlights are preferred, flashlights can also be substituted) -Personal tableware, tableware, cups (in response to environmental protection, no disposable tableware is provided) -Other items and recommended clothing will be detailed in the pre-departure notice <<Fee includes items>> -Accommodation: campsite and tent (the location of the campsite is arranged by the camp owner, the tent is for two or three persons, and friends and family will be arranged together) -Meals: private kitchen dinner on the first day, private kitchen breakfast on the second day -Tickets: None, there are no attractions requiring tickets for this itinerary -Guide: The chef and guide of the legendary private kitchen -Transportation: Round trip fare from Hsinchu High Speed Rail Station to Smangus -Others: living room tents, floor mats, large canopy, cooking area, dining table, chairs, gas stove, kitchenware, lamps, travel insurance ※ The fee does not include sleeping bags and other unmentioned items. <<Cancellation Policy>> █ Weather factors: – In the event of rain or typhoon warning, we will inform you whether the event will be cancelled or postponed, or the event registration fee will be postponed to the next event. The company considers the safety of passengers and reserves the right to make the final trip, and 36 before the event The final announcement will be made in hours. – If you encounter heavy rain in a mountainous area, you must follow the instructions of the competent authority. As long as the police station informs that it is impossible to go up the mountain, we must cancel the event urgently. █ Personal factors: – If you cannot participate due to personal reasons, you can transfer your qualifications to other friends. – If the transfer is not possible, you can discuss with the company the feasibility of extending to other levels, and the company reserves the right to make the final decision. Postponed to other activities, if there is a difference, it must be borne by the passenger. If it is not made up, it is deemed to have waived the right to postpone. The event can only be postponed once. – If you decide to refund, the refund policy will be based on the domestic travel contract after deducting the money necessary for the transfer procedure. █ Insufficient number of people: If the number of people is insufficient for the activity, it will be possible to change to other events or refund the money.